Configure ImageManager To Replicate To The Remote Vault – via Internet

The following are instructions on how to configure ImageManager to replicate to The Remote Vault via your Internet Connection. Replicating base backup images to the Seeding Drive: Add the backup folder to Mange and replicate to ImageManager – Start Managing Folder… Then check your Retention settings… (Note Version 6 allows for Global settings under Agent[…]

Configuring Shadow Protect Optimising For The Remote Vault

The Remote Vault has automated functionality to verify backup images are received at the very least every 3 hours. If no images are received for any volume, then a red flag is triggered alerting support of a possible issue. So to elimanate fals positives the following is the recommedend backup schedule for any given server/workstation[…]

Configuring Servers For Incremental Image Based Backups

When you start using incremental image based backups like Shadow Protect, it is best to make some changes on your Servers to get the most out of your Image Repositry, especially expensive remote storage. Install an additional disk or create an additional partition to relocate the following applicaitons/settings from your OS and Data drives: Virus[…]