March 30, 2017

Business Internet

Business InternetADSL/ADSL2+

Our ADSL services let you connect your business sites with one fast, reliable, always-on connection. With download speeds of up to 24Mb and no download or upload limits, ADSL is best suited for businesses ideally from 1 to 10 team members at a single or multi-site small businesses and organisations with remote workers.

Ethernet over Copper (EoC)

Our EoC to connect to the Internet or to create a secure connection between your business sites over The Vault Corporation’s private IP network. You’ll be able to share files, voice, video and data quickly, efficiently and securely.

Designed for organisations of all sizes, The Vault Corporation’s EoC is ideally suited for the needs of businesses that utilise cloud computing, remote backup, disaster recovery, VoIP, video conferencing and have offices in multiple locations.

Wireless 4G

Fourth generation (4G) broadband offers mobile connections through specifically enabled devices. This technology uses a mobile carrier network to carry signals and is able to perform at the speeds that the carrier’s network allows.

Connect your employees and satellite offices with a fast, reliable and secure connection that allows them to access your company’s network and the Internet at any time, from anywhere.

Ethernet over NBN

Ethernet over NBN is an asynchronous fibre-based service that can be delivered as Layer 3. This makes it particularly suitable for multi-site businesses such as retail chains that have a large number of low bandwidth sites. It’s very similar to ADSL technology as it provides high speed business connectivity at affordable prices.

Our Ethernet over NBN is a cost-effective connectivity option that can be delivered as Layer 3, making it an ideal choice for backup service and small branch connectivity.