Configuring Shadow Protect Optimising For The Remote Vault

The Remote Vault has automated functionality to verify backup images are received at the very least every 3 hours. If no images are received for any volume, then a red flag is triggered alerting support of a possible issue.

So to elimanate fals positives the following is the recommedend backup schedule for any given server/workstation that is replicated to The Remote Vault:

  • Mon-Fri 5.03am till 9pm at the most every 3hrs.


Although, every 30mins for 24hours 7 days a week is most ideal, the above schedule allows you to schedule other maitenance routines outside of the Shadow Protect backups, eg SQL Backups and maintenance plans, Windows defrags, etc.

(Fileservers data drive could be done every 15mins to accomodate user’s accidentally deleting files or overwriting).

Also, schedule backup jobs from different volumes and servers so that they don’t all run at the same time, and always start jobs a few minutes after the hour. Most windows and application tasks usualy start on the hour or half hour.

Also note that, where possible The Vault Corporation will endevour to schedule our maintenance after 6pm on Saturday and/or Sunday.