March 30, 2017

Why Us

There are 5 main reasons to choose The Vault Corporation:

check_box We are Your Complete IT Solution partner
check_box We adhere to Safe, Secure, Reliable methods to ensure Your Peace of Mind
check_box We have a Proven tracked record
check_box We recommend Innovative and cost effective solutions, with over 20 years IT experience
check_box We work with Businesses that require their IT and Backup solutions streamlined

Your Complete IT Solution partner

Our expertise and solutions allow us to provide you with all your IT, Communications and infrastructure requirements. From a simple network cable to implementing and updating networks to designing, managing and developing your Enterprise requirements.

A true Enterprise Architect

Safe, Secure, Reliable Partner to ensure Your Peace of Mind

The Vault Corporation was built on the following statements:

  • Safe, Secure, Reliable
  • Ensure your Peace of Mind

When we recommend solutions and maintain our client’s systems and networks we ensure that these phrases are adhered to all the time.
The Vault Corporation’s reputation rests on ensuring your Network, infrustracture, Communications and data is safe, secure & reliable.

That’s IT Made Easy

We recommend Innovative and cost effective solutions

Tape back-ups continue to be common practice for most organisations. Staff members still make manual backups on-site and then physically transport the backup copy to a separate off-site location on a daily basis.

We explored the feasibility of disk-to-disk backups as a more reliable alternative. However, there were still problems with malfunctions and the susceptibility to accidents and disasters. Rap1id data recovery is now also an expectation.

Years ago trialling different combinations over a 12-month period, we developed a robust backup and data recovery solution using a combination of disk-to-disk, off-the-shelf software and a virtual backup environment. This combination, The Vault Solution, provides a safe, secure and reliable backup system with rapid disaster recovery that gives business owners peace of mind.

The Vault Solution provides the option for automatic backup to the cloud with rapid recovery within 5 minutes with maximum information loss of 30-60 minutes of data.

Now that’s Innovation

We make your IT and Backup solutions streamlined

If your business requires their operations simplified and streamlined, then look no further. We can audit, review and then offer you a more cost effective and streamlined solution guaranteed. From a simple PC to backing up your whole network…

It’s that Simple.