Cloud Computing – A New Years Resolution

As we leave 2012 behind us we look forward to a new year for our businesses. But what should we do in 2013 to improve our business?

One of the most important things we can do for our business and our customers is to improve our data management particularly backup and recovery processes. It gives us, and our customers, more piece of mind and significantly reduces our risks.


As cloud technology is developing it is now becoming the most cost-effective and practical way to manage your data, your backup and your recovery processes. We believe that cloud computing has now passed the tipping point where the advantages are now significantly greater than the disadvantages.

Over the New Year period while you are recharging your batteries and having some downtime we suggest you think about moving to the cloud in 2013. The cloud is ready for you. You should be ready for it. Here are some things to think about.

The benefits of cloud storage

Cloud backup has several major benefits. You have the ability to store and manipulate data in the cloud, higher performance, more scalability and cheaper storage. The technology is now matured and trustworthy.

A good time to invest

With lots of cloud computing vendors entering the market the value is there for your business. Vendors are competing for new customers and IT managers are getting excited about their ability to negotiate good deals.
 However, it is essential to select a cloud storage solution from an experienced vendor who can give you a solution that is appropriate to your business.

Security standards

Cloud-based services need to be operated at the same standards as enterprise systems. The data must be securely encrypted and the physical locations of the cloud-based service must be secure. Business processes must be in place and appropriate to the data and usage.

Moving to cloud based data management and backup is a good time to audit and review your data security processes and to make sure your quality management systems are compliant.

Data location

A major consideration for cloud storage is the location of your data. Obviously it needs to be away from your business so that it is independent of any physical disasters that your business location may suffer.

But it also needs to be accessible for you to be able to audit its security. We recommend Australian based storage because it is easy to get access to and to manage security compliance. It also gives you access to physical media for rapid recovery processes.

The importance of disaster recovery

For your disaster recovery the server location is critical as well as having in place a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

There are many cloud storage companies that will manage your data and backup but only a few offer expertise in disaster recovery. Make sure you chose a supplier that offers complete data and systems recovery services in their contract.

Growing your business

Once you have moved to the cloud you will find the processes much more streamlined and efficient. This will free you up to improve your systems and data management. Make sure the service you use for backup and storage can easily and affordably be expanded as your business grows.

Moving forward in 2013

We at The Vault Corporation wish you all the best for 2013 and hope that your New Years resolutions for data management, backup and disaster recovery are successful.