About Us

Our Goals from the Vault Corporation

The Vault Corporation - Your IT and backup specialists.

Our goals are to provide our Clients with a Safe, Secure, Reliable solution Ensuring their Peace of Mind.

The Vault Corp Mission

To be Australia’s Number 1 Complete IT Solutions provider and set the standard in Information Technology through unmatched customer service, innovative solutions and quality experience.

The Vault Corp Values

Our values set the foundation by which we strive to make a difference in our customer’s professional lives.

Our principles are created based on the needs and goals of our Clients by our people. They mould our proficiency and the way in which we:

  • Make valued decisions and choices
  • Ensure our customers achieve a high degree of business success through technology
  • Create an environment where our people are inspired to think innovation and seek personal and career development.

The Vault Corp People

  • Think and act with integrity
  • Step up to the plate
  • Co-operate as a team
  • Are passionate and interested
  • Value customer relationships

The Vault Corp Commitment

  • Customer centered service
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Excel through all expectations
  • Deliver all promises
  • Lead Australia’s IT industry with innovation and commitment

We make it about our Customers, Always!