Michelle Kingsland – Egisto Solicitors

The Vault Corporation provided installation of a VOIP phone management system into our office.

The service and installation process was fast as The Vault Corporation team seamlessly changed our office over to the 3CX system with minimal disruption.

The phone systems were explained to our staff members so that using the new handsets were simple and easy, while the handsets themselves fit into our budget and expanded the possibilities of how we presently use our phones.

We had concerns regarding the stability of the phone service over internet but The Vault Corporation provided our office with a copper over Ethernet solution that ensured increased internet speeds with a stable connection for not only our phones but also our cloud based data storage programs. From a business perspective, the new phone systems have halved our phone bill showing immediate financial benefits.

Highly recommend considering upgrading to a new phone system with the help of The Vault Corporation. They’re a professional, skilled team behind a strong product – it really does pay for itself!

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